Seating Information

The Paradise Performing Arts Center is a large facility that seats 760 people! The seating is on one floor, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house! The design of the floor creates the perfect viewing experience for everyone. You never have to worry about an obstructed view. The main hall has marvelous acoustics augmented by the tuned sound-reflecting panels hung from the ceiling. This space is designed for the perfect entertainment experience!

We have several areas throughout the space that are wheelchair accessible, and all of these locations are adjacent to regular seats. If requests are made 48 hours prior to the performance date, management will gladly reserve seats next to a wheelchair location so all members of a party can sit together. There are some seats off all aisles near the back where armrests can be raised to permit ease of access for disabled persons wishing to leave wheelchairs or walkers and sit in regular seats.

Seats on the outside of the first row can be removed to accommodate wheelchairs as well. Since these seats must be unbolted from the floor, requests for these locations must be made 72 hours prior to the date of a performance.

For patrons needing hearing assistance, there are eight (8) Telex Sound Mate Personal Listening Systems available for loan for any performance.