The Paradise Performing Arts Center is a theatre that contains 760 comfortable theatre seats mounted on a sloping floor with excellent sight lines to the stage from every location. We feature lighting and sound systems. The floor plan illustration shows the backstage area consisting of 2 group dressing rooms, each complete with rest room facilities and a shower. There is a large shared makeup room with two mirrored walls and makeup lighting. The hallway leading to the dressing rooms contains drinking fountains. There is a large carpeted prop/rehearsal room with entrances from the hallway and from the adjacent loading dock. The loading dock is truck accessible with two large roll-up doors, one leading into the hallway and the second directly across from it leading onto the stage. The dock is at a height to accommodate most semi-trailers. The large stage, see technical information, has been designed with a cushioned floor to accommodate dancers. The proscenium opening is 40 feet wide by 23 feet high and is dressed with a beautiful plum colored main curtain. All stage curtains are flat black. A covered orchestra pit is manually moveable, (cost involved) from stage to house level to pit level. Normal position is at audience floor level. All areas of the facility are disabled accessible. There is an electric lift from stage level to floor level. The lift only accommodate standard sized wheelchairs with occupants. It will not handle oversized transport devices safely.

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  • Type: Counterweight
  • System Battens: 26
  • Length of battens: Varies 60'
  • Diameter of battens: 1.5" Sch. 40, aprox 2" O.D.
  • (No grid, loft blocks underhung from roof steel)
  • Locking rail location: Stage left floor looking through T rail to the stage


  • Main curtain travels manually
  • Main curtain color: plum
  • Valance color: black
  • Back Drops: one (1) white (older cyc), and one (1) black


  • Loading dock surface: stage level
  • Street to dock surface: 4' 3/4"
  • Distance from stage: 15'
  • Roll up door: critical dimensions 10' wide x 12' high
  • Parking area: rear of stage


  • Number: 2 group dressing rooms
  • Makeup room: 1 shared (large)
  • Clothes racks: 2 - 5' built in
  • Chairs: 45
  • Rest rooms: l for men,1 for women
  • Showers: 1 in each dressing room located in alcove


  • Dimensions: Length 30', Width 10' at center, Depth 6'
  • Access: Stairway off main auditorium floor


  • Headsets: 5 Telex Intercom/belt packs
  • Backstage monitoring capabilities: yes
  • Stage amplification system: center mono cluster with delay cluster
  • Mixing console: Midas 32 with DL 32 stage box
  • Mixing console location: Back of house


  • 200 amps, 3 phase
  • 60 amps, 3 phase (Loading Dock)
  • (2) 100 amp, 3 phase circuits (USR)


  • 112 total stage circuits. Each circuit 2.4 kW ea. capacity
  • Location: back of house in booth


  • One (1) 8' fiberglass
  • One (1) 12' fiberglass
  • One(1) 24' wood A Frame extension Ladder on dolly


  • Chairs: 50
  • Music stands: 40 Shell: none


  • 9' Baldwin Grand, black, tuned A 440
  • Upright rehearsal piano

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HOUSE: Seats 760

STAGE DIMENSIONS: Stage floor: (Black painted particle board over 1 inch tongue and groove plywood on sleepers with PVC pads. No stage trap doors or below stage accesses. Pit entrance is from house.(Wheelchair access from stage to house.)

Center stage to stage right wall 48 feet
Center stage to stage left wall (fly rail) 39 feet 9 inches
Proscenium to back wall 39 feet 5 inches
Pit cover downstage edge to back wall 48 feet approx.
Pit cover dimensions (moveable from stage to house level) 8 feet x 35 feet
Roll up door at stage right 10 feet wide x 12 feet tall
Loading dock height (no elevator) 4' 3//4"
Proscenium to first catwalk in house 16 feet
Proscenium to second catwalk in house 33 feet
Proscenium to back of house 78 feet
House catwalk height above stage 30 feet catwalk floor to stage
Proscenium to box boom light ladder 22 feet


Double purchase system located stage left. 26 total lines each with 8-foot arbors except first electric with a double 8-foot arbor. Total weight capacity per pipe onstage of approx. 1,000 pounds. Maximum high trim of all lines is 38 feet.

Distance from proscenium edge to each line set:

1 main curtain 1 foot 2 inches (bi parting, no guillotine)
2 first border 1foot 11 inches
3 first leg 2 feet 8 inches
4 first electric 4 feet 3 inches
5 general purpose 5 feet 8 inches
6 border 7 feet 2 inches
7 second legs 8 feet
8 general purpose 8 feet 9 inches
9 general purpose 10 feet 3 inches
10 general purpose 11 feet 9 inches
11 border 13 feet 3 inches
12 third legs 14 feet
13 general purpose 14 feet 9 inches
14 general purpose 15 feet 6 inches
15 second electric 16 feet 3 inches
16 mid stage full black 18 feet 6 inches (bi parts and guillotines)
17 border 21 feet 6 inches
18 fourth legs 22 feet 3 inches
19 general purpose 23 feet
20 general purpose 25 feet 3 inches
21 border 26 feet 9 inches
22 fifth legs 27 feet 6 inches
23 third electric 29 feet
24 border 35 feet
25 upstage full black 35 feet 9 inches (multi panel walk-along parting. no guillotine)
26 white cyc 37 feet 3 inches (no guillotine)


112 total stage circuits. Each circuit 2.4 kW capacity.

First catwalk (house) 14 circuits
Second catwalk (house) 14 circuits
Two Box booms H.L. & H.R 6 circuits each
First electric 22 circuits
Second electric 14 circuits
Third electric 14 circuits
Wall pockets & Floor pockets 12 total (2 circuits each)


  • 14 Fresnels (6 inch)
  • 16 Ellipsoidals(ColorTran)
  • 10 Source 4 Pars
  • 28 Source 4 Ellipsoidals
  • 4 Scoops (14 inch)
  • 2 Spot lights
  • Assorted lengths of pin cable, a/c cable, and two-fers


  • Loudspeakers: One cluster of three EAW speakers over stage
  • Loudspeakers: One delay cluster of three EAW speakers near second catwalk over house
  • Mono system. Mic inputs, intercom and monitor inputs S.L., S.R., pit, upstage wall and on house catwalks
  • Four Genz Benz monitors with Nuetrik connectors
  • 5 Telex intercom headsets and belt pacs
  • Midas 32 with DL 32 stage box
  • Patch bay in booth


  • 12 six foot long folding tables
  • 50 folding chairs

    **Please note there are no permanent prop, costume or scenery facilities at this time**


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Paradise Performing Arts Center
777 Nunneley Road,
Paradise, CA 95969

Email: parartscen@sbcglobal.net

Phone: (530) 872-8454

Fax: (530) 872-0809

Paradise Performing Arts Center